Tuesday, 15 March 2011


HEY ppl my name is Anna,i m 23's old and i from azores, S.Miguel! I have a passion about Art,Make up,music..actually i love doing differente things!! Its just the way I AM :)
I m New around here but i have another blogg with another 3 azores girls...just go there and see what we talk about..coz we're 4 different girls with different syles,with different atittudes!!! :P
And this one is about-ENCOURAGING you to rethink your top-to-toe style and ultimately reward yourself the STAR TREATMENT.Believe me,a complete makeover- and I'm not talking about new noses,brow lifts,cheeks and breast implants,but easy 100 % do-able tips,tricks and beauty buys-will deliver more effortless style,beauty and health into your life! its mine unike blogg,I hope u like my blogg coz this one its only mine...hahah I'm gonna talk about everthing here about us..GIRLZ0.. coz i m feminist(YES I'M :)))
ENJOY!!! I love YoU gIrlz HAHAH
MAKEOVER-Just the word is enough to give divine inspiration.Everybody loves a great makeover,whether it involves dropping a few pounds or knocking five years off your age with a new a new hair colour.And i guarantee u'll never tire of people telling you how great you look.
If this sounds like a whole lot of work,then be reassured it isn't.

MY MAKEOVER PHILOSOPHY IS SIMPLE: stand back and have an outer body experience with yourself.By this i mean look at yourself objectively in every tiny detail,from the stray hairs that need plucking under your brows to the habitual slobbing around in old clothes at the weekend and ask yourself: 'Am i making the most of myself? If the answer is a resounding'NO',then it's time to remake yourself to order.
This blog is not about rules,it's about making small changes and getting big results.It's problem solving at its very best-chucking out the old and bringing in the NEW(YOU).
Your appearance says a lot about you and how you value yourself."We don't like to admit that we judge people on the way they look,but we do". Soooo,what does your image really say about you???? HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT IT???
Remember how you feel when you come out of the HAIRDRESSER'S? Or when you're wearing something special? YOU FEEL AMAZING..ITS THE TRUTH!!more confident...
Just think how it would be to have that feeling every day rather than just on the few occasions when you take time to think about yourself.It all comes down to taking control.
LOTS....of women are intimidated by the idea of style...I've learned from the experts that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary can be down to such simple things as skirt or jeans or the way you wear you hair...
SOOO i hope my blogg can help you to get the confidence you need and shout" WHERE ARE THE PARTIESSSSSSSSSS??? " loool
I m gonna put my facebook link here:http://www.facebook.com/lupcheco if u GIRLZ want to control me!! heheheh

Hello o meu nome e Ana Luiza,tenho 23 anos e sou natural dos acores da ilha de s.miguel. Adoro art,make up,musica..gosto de tudo uma cadinho,nao sou esquisita.. :) Sou novita por estes lados,quer dizer faco parto de um outro blog juntamente com 3 meninas acoreanas tambem...
Espero que gostem do meu blog e espero ajudar em alguma coisinha..
Vemo nos por aqui...
Se me quiserem seguir pelo facebook,deixo vos aki o o link:http://www.facebook.com/lupcheco



Marsídia said...

- Já te sigo!
- Força nisso linda!
- Bom inicio & bem vinda!
- Beijocas

ana said...

Obrigada amiga..pelos vistos posso sempre contar ctg!!! :))
Agora tou a fazer o video para a senhora sofia..ja que ela nao para de insistir! lol XOXO**

SofiaOliveira said...

AMOREEE, já cá estou =P
Bem vinda a este Mundo ^^